Belated Report on Marburg Journey

The conference in Marburg, Germany, in April, was a wonderful time. We had promised to give a report and put up pictures. However, our best laid plans went awry. The toll from the car accident four days before the German Journey hit me hard when we got home, with broken bones in my right hand and a severe time of PTSD. However, God gave such an anointing during the time of the conference and, in September, I had a miracle of healing from the hand and the PTSD! I am so grateful!



Conlee with translator, Manfred Schmidt.







Beautiful decorations by German team. 







Exciting to see my books in German!     







Two of the organizers: Esther and Christian Bachmann







Other organizers: Johanna and Daniel (now married!)







First look at Camp Mimi in German in bookstore.

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