About Us

Conlee and Signa Bodishbaugh have been leading The Journey conferences since 1992, in the United States and internationally, including Canada, England, Holland, Germany, Israel, and Rwanda.

In 1972, while living in Fayetteville, AR, they entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who ignited their continuing passion for His ministry of wholeness. Mentored by Leanne Payne, the Bodishbaughs ministered with her in Pastoral Care Ministries conferences in many countries.

Conlee retired as the senior pastor of Christ Anglican Church in Mobile, Alabama, in 2009. Since his retirement, the Bodishbaughs have focused on The Journey ministry and have initiated STEPS, a week-end teaching and ministry experience on various subjects. In 2012 they initiated a 12-week small group study program called “Journey Groups.”  Already successful in several states, “Journey Groups” offers DVD teachings by Conlee and Signa, Leaders’ Guides, and Participants’ Workbooks.

Signa is the author of the devotional book, “The Journey to Wholeness in Christ,”  “Illusions of Intimacy,” and “Divine Conversations.”  All are available at Journey conferences and by mail order. (See resources).

The Bodishbaughs have been married since 1962, and have three sons and eight grandchildren.  They recently moved from Mobile Bay to Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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